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Sports Officials Consultancy consists of an impressive team of experienced trainers and associates who share the same philosophy and strong belief that people can achieve their dreams and potential if they are supported and challenged in the right way - the best way for each individual and for each sport or business.

All of our trainers are vastly experienced and are highly respected both nationally and internationally. Sports Officials Consultancy’s reputation is founded on innovation, excellence and a desire to customise our services to the unique needs and circumstances of our partner clients. We favour a hands-on and partnership approach - this enables us to identify and predict what future needs may be and so develop new services that meet tomorrow’s needs today. 

We love a challenge that demands a different way of thinking and consistently strive to exceed the expectations of our partner clients in order to achieve maximum development.

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Sports Officials Consultancy can help you realise your true potential!


Our vision is to support the development of sports officials worldwide, in order to maximise potential, participation and enjoyment for all.

Sports officials carrying out their duties.