About Us

The Team

Janie Frampton

Janie has been an International level football referee and has a background in education. She has worked closely with many National Governing Body (NGB’s) and is as Director of Sports Officials UK Ltd. All these things combined make Janie unique in her field. She has been passionate about all things officiating for many years and her main focus is on supporting officials in all aspects of their careers.

She understands the techniques for effective learning; she has experience in practical and theoretical training and she is knowledgeable on how to get the best out of a team.

Kim Knight

Kim comes from a background in the leisure industry; this has helped develop her great people skills and communication skills. She manages the e-learning platform; creates the online courses and works alongside key individuals in the organisations to tailor the work to fit their needs. She is proactive at problem solving; works effectively on large projects and meets deadlines with ease.

Julia Lee

Julia is very well known in the rugby league world – she was the first female referee in the men’s game and is very well regarded. She has her own consultancy called Common Sense Initiative through which she coaches, runs workshops and inspirational speaking events – all of which have the same goal: to promote positivity and self confidence to unlock a persons potential. Julia has worked alongside us on various projects over the last couple of years. There has even been a popular stage show written about her!

Ali Owen

The newest member of our team – Ali has a military background. During this time she learnt a wide range of key skills that help her in her work with us today. She excels at research projects –  many of which have been used in the reports for our major projects. Ali is an active poster on our social media pages and has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ in managing our regular newsletter.