Bucks New University

In partnership with Bucks New University and Aylesbury College developed and delivered qualifications for sports officials at education levels 2 to 8. These qualifications form part of an international provision.

UK Athletics

We designed and delivered a fun interactive workshop for the athletic officials across a wide range of the sport. The main focus of this course was around the different types of communication and how certain messages are perceived. It proved to be a really popular workshop.

UK Athletics Young Officials

This workshop was tailored to a young audience, we went over the key skills an official needs including focus and concentration. We included games in this programme to help the young people learn in a fun way.

England Hockey

We wrote and delivered a bespoke course for ‘Workforce Development – Tutor Training’ – this was aimed at the tutors for hockey umpires. The focus of this programme was how to keep the learner central to the teaching. Following this we delivered a regional tutor training course in which these key tutors delivered the training on behalf of the NGB.

Volleyball England

We created and delivered ‘Effective Management Skills’ at the Annual Referee Conference to more than 60 referees. We offered an insight into the conflict and pressures that top referees face and ways of dealing with them.

NPUA -Elite and International Hockey Umpires

We designed and delivered ‘The Pyschology of Decision Making’ to the elite and international umpires of hockey. This session was interactive and looked at several key aspects including focus and concentration, pressure and performance and coping strategies.

British Show Jumping

This was the first CPD workshop of its kind for British Dressage and British Show Jumping stewards. We delivered ‘Conflict Management’ in full and we covered the ‘fight or flight’ methods. We have delivered many of these courses to British Show Jumping over the years now.

England Ice Hockey

We converted their Rules Test (a test in 3 parts that every official must take in order to register each year) into an online format. We worked closely with the NGB to deliver exactly what they wanted. We gave them regular updates at prearranged times on the officials results. This helped the NGB keep track of who had completed the full registration process. Having this course available online (with regular tech support) made the process easier as the NGB didn’t need to organise physical courses for the officials to attend – cutting down admin dramatically.

England Boxing

England Boxing asked us to create an interactive version of their Rule Book that their officials would be able to access at any time. We created a short quiz with them for the officials to confirm their learning.

Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF)

We have developed the strategic plan for the referees department of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Football Federation and started to deliver from the elite referees down, this has included creating a full academy programme which identifies talent at a local level and develops the individual through to regional and national levels. To underpin this, we have developed a full online registration, appointment and management system in order to track the development of each referee.

International Socca Federation (ISF)

The ISF is the recognised world governing body for small sided football, 5, 6, 7 and 8 aside. We have been working closely with the ISF to develop an online learning platform in order to register and develop their referees maintaining a consistent standard across the world. Janie Frampton has also been appointed as the Executive Chair and Head of International Relations for the ISF which entails her engaging with more countries around the world in order to expand the membership of the ISF.

Ref Support

Ref Support has continued to support referees in the UK as well as on the  international stage. We have worked hard to engage with organisations that can strengthen the work we do such as Kick it Out, Don’t cross the line and similar major organisations in the USA and Australia. Our work is very much focused around advocacy, coaching and mentoring of referees as well as supporting them via our 24 hour helpline. We are currently in discussions with the FA on how we can work together for the benefit of referees, as it is clear we all have the same objectives, and to achieve these objectives we would be stronger working together rather than in silo. One of our biggest projects currently is, having been appointed to train and develop the referees for the ISF in preparation for the 2019 World Cup in Crete and beyond.

Table Tennis England

We were asked to create an entire organisational process to train the officials from signing up to fully registered. This was a combination of face to face training followed by an online Rules Test. This enabled the official to complete the rules test in their own time and at their own pace.

Social Enterprise Work

Uganda: Working with the National Olympic Committee, The Minister of Sport and the Federation of Ugandan Football Association to work on a project to use football as a conduit to instil a feeling of value to their ‘street kids’. This was working towards providing these children a route off the streets, into further education and local football clubs.

Brazil: Working with the Sao Paulo Football Federation – we used football to help instil a feeling of value to the ‘street kids’ in the hope to raise their future through education and move them away from the potential life of crime.


Brewster Trust – We were invited to Barbados to work with this trust. We were using football as a focus to instil positive behaviours. This project has been running for many years but has now included refereeing into the programme.

Leadership through Football ( LTF) – We deliver motivational presentations to each new cohort of students – this educational programme is delivered through football clubs and is aimed at the ‘hard to reach’ communities. This programme links further education with football and gives young people a real opportunity to reach their potential.

Volunteer Work

ECB ACO Independent Director: Janie has been working with the England Cricket Board and ACO to write a four year strategy to enhance their working relationship with the aim to provide the best officials in the game.

SOUK (Sports Officials UK) have worked in partnership with Skills Active to help develop a National Occupational Standard for Officiating levels 2-4, qualifications and resources generically to link with the 2012 Olympics legacy.

International Socca Federation (ISF)

Supported by our online learning platform we are helping to grow small sided football globally by training referees to manage the differences in this version of the game as opposed to the 11×11 standard game.

International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

We are currently working with the IAAF delivering gender leadership around the world. We are designing the course including all the materials and resources and delivering the programme ourselves. IAAF will also have space for their content on our online learning platform.

The Home Office and Anti-Terrorism

Janie is currently working alongside The Home Office and Anti-Terrorism to aim a project at the hard to reach communities to help eradicate gang crime by using sport as a conduit.

Sports and Recreation Alliance

Janie is a Non-Executive Chair of S+RA – she represents 248 National Governing Bodies in Sport.


Janie is the Vice Chair of Boccia; her key responsibilities are to support the Chair and ensure the Governance is robust and reviewed.

Muslim Women’s Network

Janie has worked alongside the Muslim Women’s Network as a Patron for many years now with the main aim of supporting Muslim / Asian women.